Self-meter reading

Blicker digitises the way utility companies do readouts for non-smart, legacy meters. By enabling customers and employees to take a picture of any meter, with their own device (smartphone, tablet, camera), we instantly provide the correct meter readout, serial number and barcode - with over 99% accuracy.

With our proprietary, homegrown software and our team of experts in the field of artificial intelligence technology, we are able to create a smart application that provides first-time-right meter readouts in nearly any condition, all in the blink of an eye.

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BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Putting customers in charge: Simplifying utility experience with self-meter reading 

The utility industry has evolved significantly, moving away from expensive house visits and error-prone manual data entry. With the installation of smart meters, utility companies have improved energy efficiency, reduced costs, and provided real-time consumption insights to customers.

However, many consumers still rely on legacy (traditional) meters, with around 20 billion legacy meters read annually worldwide. To address this, utility companies have embraced solutions that empower customers to submit their own meter readings via postcards or phone calls.

As demand grew, self-meter reading evolved into "automatic self-meter reading," leveraging advanced technologies to streamline the process. 

Want to know what happens when customers become active participants in managing their energy consumption? Read on, or contact our team directly!

Utilities suffer from customer switching

Inaccurate self-meter readings can cause billing discrepancies and lead to bill shock for customers. This contributes to the already high volume of energy customer complaints, emphasising the need for accurate meter readings and responsive customer service.

Unresolved complaints can result in customers switching to a different utility provider. According to a recent study by Energy UK, in March 2023, 175,334 consumers switched to a new electricity supplier, marking a significant 62% increase compared to the previous year. This industry phenomenon is known as a 'Change of Supply Event'.

UK residents frequently switch gas and electricity suppliers, according to a BEIS survey. Around 25% switched within the past year, with an additional 38% switching over a year ago. This reflects a dynamic energy market: empowering customers, promoting competition among providers, ultimately creating a more customer-centric industry.

BLICKER Handjes in de lucht
BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Efficiency at its finest: Stedin implements Blicker for smarter meter readings

Discover how Stedin revolutionised meter readings by eliminating administrative tasks and empowering customers with the simplicity of taking a picture. See how this innovative approach saved time, enhanced accuracy, and freed up expert field engineers for critical engineering challenges in the energy transition. Full case study here.