how it works

The Blicker AI reads meters like an expert

Blicker benefits not only utility companies, by making the daily meter-to-cash process more efficient, it also benefits utility consumers by empowering them to collect their own meter-data, reducing the amount of required house visits and customer support actions.

Our software integrates into any existing systems, and was built to be customer friendly, fraud proof and above all, provide a near faultless meter reading experience.

1. Blicker’s ‘brain’ uses artificial intelligence to read meters based on visual patterns

2. Blicker learns from these patterns just like a human would. With one advantage; Blicker has seen millions of examples!

3. Based on these examples Blicker knows how to read meters in all kinds, shapes and conditions.

4. On top of that it recognizes the
cases in which it’s unsure about the result

5. In which case it can ask the user to take another picture.

6. Making sure the final result is always right!