AI-powered utility meter reading from photos  

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25 Organisations
Operational in
5 Countries
Monthly handling
>15 Million Meter Readings
>3000 Field Technicians

Collecting accurate meter information on the first attempt resolves numerous challenges for utility companies and service providers

  • Drastically reduce errors and enhance fraud protection

  • Unlock up to 80% in operational cost savings

  • Boost customer and employee satisfaction

  • Ensure accurate billing and optimise cash flow

  • Speed up the whole billing process from weeks to minutes

BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

machine learning makes data faultless

Blicker empowers the utility sector with an intelligent meter readout assistent to collect first-time-right data and in the blink of an eye

Having learned from millions of examples, Blicker's intelligent AI core accurately recognises various meter types worldwide with superhuman precision, even in challenging field conditions.

"Blicker helps us reach what is at the basis of any utility company’s processes: a faultless meter administration.”

Using Blicker to get our meter readings first-time-right aligns perfectly with Brabant Water’s position at the forefront of customer excellence, reliability and innovation.  

- Frank van der Putten
Manager Market Innovation Brabant Water

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“There is nothing more simple than just taking a picture to gather your data!”

Blicker allows us to get rid of classical forms for meter reading all together, changing them to the simple act of taking a picture

- Arnold van der Bie
CDO Stedin

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Designed for seamless integration in any existing process or interface

Blicker smoothly integrates into your current digital interfaces, including customer apps, workforce management tools and online billing environments. Blicker simplifies user interactions, streamlining your business operations.

Cpntact page

1. Set up an account on the Blicker Portal for documentation, examples, and API access management

2. Add a photo button to your app or web interface and configure the API for effortless photo uploads to Blicker

3. The user will be asked to take a photo, which will be sent to our API

Receiving a meter readout on the phone

4. Instantly receive the result

Finger pointing at phone

5. Ask the user to verify and approve the data or take another photo

Thank you!

6. Upon approval, the meter data will be transmitted to the utility provider's or service provider's systems

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