Customer Self-Meter Reading

"Wow" your customers or tenants with simplicity

With self-meter reading, customers and tenants can conveniently collect their own meter readings at any time, eliminating the need to stay at home and await a meter reader.

However, unlike meter readers, customers might lack the skills to read a meter accurately. While it may seem like a straightforward task, human errors are common, with approximately 5-12% of customer-submitted meter data containing errors. This results in significant expenses and places a burden on back office teams. Correcting errors proves to be time-consuming, costly, and leads to undesired additional interactions with customers.

Blicker has simplified this process, making it as easy as walking over to the meter, capturing a quick photo with a mobile device, and effortlessly clicking "submit" to send the data over to the utility provider. From there, billing can be initiated. This streamlined process removes the need for manual form-filling, erasing potential human errors and guaranteeing that customers or tenants receive a bill they can trust.

Simply integrate Blicker's API into any mobile app, chatbot, or web portal!

BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Putting customers in charge 

There are many reasons for transitioning to self-meter reading through photos. The most important ones include:

Benefits for Customers and Tenants

  • Convenience & Flexibility: Eliminate the need to schedule and await meter reader visits
  • Time Savings: Capture meter readings within seconds, without the hassle of deciphering utility meters and manually filling forms
  • Accuracy in Billing: Ensure precise billing by capturing accurate meter readings without human errors
  • Reduced Interactions: Avoid unnecessary interactions with utility providers by capturing data accurately on the first attempt

Benefits for Utility Providers

  • Operational Cost Savings: Drastically reduce costs by avoiding house visits, manual data entry, manual data validation, and customer support efforts
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Elevate overall customer satisfaction by providing accurate bills and a user-friendly meter reading experience
  • Resource Optimisation: Free up valuable capacity in field service teams to handle more urgent field service tasks
  • Reduced Non-Technical Losses: Minimise losses associated with inaccurate meter readings or potential fraud
  • Efficient Billing Process: Bill customers within minutes, not weeks

Efficiency at its finest: Dutch grid operator Stedin chooses Blicker for smarter meter readings

Stedin grappled with substantial costs associated with visual inspections by meter readers. During house visits, meter readers manually collected meter data, causing human error in the data. To slash costs associated with house revisits and data corrections, Stedin empowered customers with Blicker.

The impact was substantial:

  • 85% reduction in meter data errors
  • 70% fewer house visits
  • Over 70% savings in operational costs
  • A substantial improvement in customer satisfaction, soaring from 15% to an impressive 85%, marked by a "thumbs up" response
BLICKER Handjes in de lucht
BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Utilities suffer from customer switching

Inaccurate self-meter readings can cause billing discrepancies and lead to bill shock for customers. This contributes to the already high volume of energy customer complaints, emphasising the need for accurate meter readings and responsive customer service.

Unresolved complaints can result in customers switching to a different utility provider. According to a recent study by Energy UK, in March 2023, 175,334 consumers switched to a new electricity supplier, marking a significant 62% increase compared to the previous year. This industry phenomenon is known as a 'Change of Supply Event'.

UK residents frequently switch gas and electricity suppliers, according to a BEIS survey. Around 25% switched within the past year, with an additional 38% switching over a year ago. This reflects a dynamic energy market: empowering customers, promoting competition among providers, ultimately creating a more customer-centric industry.

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