Benefits for your business

Collecting the meter reading first-time-right obviously benefits utility companies and its customers in many ways.

First of all, significant improvements in data quality & accurate meter readings lead to more accurate billing of consumption. Additionally, significant operational costs savings can be realised by decreasing the amount of inaccurate readings. Costs that are normally generated by inbound customer service calls, collection charges and legal fees let alone consequential reputational damages.

The reduction to just 1 contact moment with the customer and the speedup of the process from weeks to just a few minutes of course also greatly benefits customers. 

As Blicker allows literally every customer to collect meter information by themselves, house visits by specialised meter inspectors become a thing of the past. This frees up a part of the valuable time of specialized meter workforce to work on things that matter most; speeding up the energy-transition. At the same time, this also greatly benefits the customers who no longer need to stay at home to receive visiting service engineers.

Digital assistance makes the process easier, faster and even fun, which increases satisfaction of its users; both customers and service engineers.Automatic readout of other meter information such as serial numbers, meter type, model and building year can enrich the current databases. Besides, this extra information gives valuable insights that can be used for strategic asset management decisions like meter maintenance and replacement plannings.
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