A.I. Technology

Blicker is top-notch deep learning based computer vision software for reading meters from images

Blicker’s intelligent core is based on state-of-the-art techniques in artificial intelligence, enabling superhuman understanding of meter images. Analyzing an image just like a human would, Blicker recognizes many different objects and aspects of meters regardless of the way- or device they’re photographed on.

That is why next to the meter reading, it is also able to automatically collect all sorts of other information, such as serial numbers, meter category (gas, water or electricity), meter type, building year, meter capacity, image quality, and more. This enables real-time conversations with the user, to make sure that the right meter is administered in the right way.

When for instance the wrong meter (gas instead of water) was photographed, Blicker will use its feedback loop to let the user know and make sure that the requested meter is collected. Being a self-learning system, the additional benefit of this feedback loop is that it provides Blicker’s brain with a way to continuously improve itself.

Blicker is a product created by Clockworks, the intelligent imaging engineers