Capture accurate meter readings, simply by taking a photo of any type of meter

Blicker is at the forefront of technological innovation. It’s not just another OCR; at the core of Blicker lies a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technology. This results in a solution that excels beyond human capability in deciphering photo content with exceptional accuracy that sets new industry benchmarks. This isn’t just theoretical; Blicker substantially narrows the typical 5-10% error margin in human data input down to an impressive 0.2%, making it a leader in accuracy and reliability in meter data processing (NMi).

Additionally, our self-built solution effectively handles the challenging yet common real-world conditions around meters, including dark, dirty, or damaged environments. Its unique ability to adapt and generalise to unfamiliar meter types ensures a dual capacity for consistent and accurate data capture across all scenarios.

1. Blicker’s ‘brain’ uses Artificial Intelligence to interpret meters using visual pattern

2. Blicker learns from these patterns similarly to how a human learns, with one key advantage: Blicker has seen millions of examples!

3. Using these examples, Blicker becomes an expert at reading meters in various forms, shapes, and conditions

4. On top of that, the technology recognises situations where it may be uncertain about the result

5. In such cases, it can ask the user to take another photo

6. Making sure the final result is always right!


Instant Meter Digitisation

Instantly captures readings and serial numbers from printed text, barcodes, QR codes, and data matrices in a single photo, providing results in under half a second

Meter Type Detection

Identifies and indicates whether it's a water, gas, or electricity meter, and specifies whether it's analog or digital

Confidence Indicator

Assesses image quality and data reliability, guiding users to retake a photo or make adjustments if data reliability is in question

Automated Data Validation

Cross-references meter data with CRM records in real-time, streamlining automated field job completion or customer submission acceptance

Live Feedback

Provides live, actionable feedback and alerts, guiding users to take corrective actions and ensure accurate data on the first attempt


Operates effectively in real-world scenarios like dirt, dim lighting, and partial coverings


Integrate easily within your existing software ecosystem

Blicker is built for easy integration into your current processes. Our solution is shared with your front- and back-end applications through a standard REST API. You can seamlessly integrate Blicker within hours to days into your existing customer service, billing, work order, or facility management (web) application. It's that straightforward!

Blicker is a product developed by Clockworks, specialists in the field of Computer Vision and AI technology.