Field Service Empowerment

A more efficient utility workforce, one automation away

Meter readers and service technicians face a significant challenge with the manual data collection process, consuming a substantial amount of their time and resources. The traditional approach of collecting meter readings by manually filling out forms not only proves to be time-inefficient but also puts the quality of the company's crucial meter data at risk.

Nonetheless, flawless meter data is the foundation of critical processes such as billing, maintenance, and asset management.

Our existing customers empower their employees with Blicker to accomplish a variety of tasks:

  • Collecting monthly, quarterly, or yearly meter readings for analog meters and non-communicating smart meters
  • Ensuring accurate (final) reads during installations or replacements of (smart) meters
  • Automating data validation through batch processing of meter photos
BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Manual work challenges

In many areas, meter readers and utility technicians are still doing manual paperwork. Reliance on paperwork and manual administration processes can have detrimental effects on efficiency, productivity, and data accuracy. Discover how this monotonous way of working could lead to job dissatisfaction, ultimately leading to resignations and low productivity. 

Morrison Water Services: A success story of empowerment, sustainability, and data quality!

Discover how Morrison Water Services partnered with Blicker, a visionary AI software, to revolutionise its operations. Efficient and accurate meter readings have been achieved through Blicker's vision AI capabilities, eliminating human error and saving valuable time. This transformative solution has empowered their workforce, enhanced data quality, and contributed to sustainability goals. The partnership between Morrison Water Services and Blicker sets a new standard for efficiency, accuracy, and environmental responsibility in the utility industry.

BLICKER Handjes in de lucht
BLICKER Handjes in de lucht

Digitising utility workforce: Time is cut in half

Digitising workforce productivity brings benefits beyond operational improvements. By streamlining and digitising administrative processes, the time spent on paperwork and documentation is reduced by 50%, allowing resources to be allocated to more meaningful tasks. After all, what’s a bigger productivity killer than monotonous work? 

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