Getting ready for Enlit 2022!

October 25, 2022

Enlit poster

What better way to connect with like-minded people than to share experiences that highlight our main purpose: contributing to the energy transition with innovation!

This is why, for the third year in a row, Blicker is thrilled to join the Enlit community and spread the word about the Blicker solution. Enlit 2022 is a journey of storytelling — shedding light on the projects and technologies driving the energy transition, giving spotlights to people who address energy-related solutions, and opening doors for connecting and inspiring one another. Likeminded industry experts, potential clients and innovate companies.

Our story at Enlit

Last year’s Enlit in Milan was a memorable one! Our team hosted a stand with the purpose of showcasing the beauty of AI-based meter reading solutions

We were honoured to have shared our solution with people from all around the world, such as industry experts, potential clients, and innovative companies

Connecting with and inspiring like-minded people is wonderful on social media, but seeing them in person is a privilege and an experience. As Enlit would say, nothing beats face-to-face talks!

Looking ahead: Enlit 2022

Enlit brings us together. We are excited to be in Frankfurt this year, once again communicating our passion to innovating the utility industry and listening to other people’s journeys towards the energy transition.

Enlit 2022, see you soon!

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