100 million meter reading requests!

February 9, 2023

New milestone! In December 2022, Blicker celebrated its 100 millionth meter reading request. Customers in India, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Philippines have sent 100,000,000 photos of their meters since Blicker was first introduced. 

  Where we started 

It’s crazy to think that Blicker’s team only began taking meter reading requests 3 years ago! Our first ever client was Stedin, one of the top 3 grid operators in The Netherlands. 

In 2021, our average meter reading request was 50,000 in a week. On a good week, the average would be roughly 85,000 requests. 

  Read the meter, pop the bottle!

Since the time we announced the first million requests, we made it a tradition to give the team a small bottle of champagne each. We thought: the bigger the number, the bigger the bottle!

1 million: 1/2 a litre. 10 million: 750 ml. 100 million: 1 + 1/2 litre!

We started by giving out half a litre. And at 10 million, the bottle was 750 ml.

Let us assure you that it didn’t take long before we cracked open a 1.5 litre champagne bottle. In fact, it only took us a year to go from 10 million to 100 million requests!

  Thank you 100,000,000!

We are proud of our teams’ hard work and we are excited to jump into 2023 with even more photo requests!

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